Visitor Registration System

It is very common in organizations to have visitors visit your company. Ranging from courier services, to interviewees, to VIP guests or even your important clients. As such, it is essential for a visitor registration system to be set in place with the right practices and protocols to ensure a smooth and safe entry for your visitors, leaving them with a great impression about your company.

There is a huge value in having an amazing visitor registration system (VRS). One comes in the fact that it would be your visitors very first touchpoint to your business. As such, it is important that your visitors experience a pleasant experience. As the saying goes, First Impression Counts. As such, a very thoughtful design of the reception space will leave your visitors impressed but also having a better understanding of the values that your company stands for. Therefore, we present to you 10 ways how a visitor registration system (VRS) can add value to your business.

  • Andrew Wong
  • 12 Aug 2020

4 industries that can benefit most from VMS

Banking and Finance

Having a visitor management system helps to simplify the sign-in process and also shorten the waiting time of guests where hosts are notified through email or text notifications upon the arrival of their guest. The VMS also acts as the first line of defence to safeguard confidential information and prevent potential security breaches by restricting unauthorised access to sensitive areas. Furthermore, the VMS can be used as a screening tool during the current COVID-19 global pandemic by obtaining information on the visitor's current state of heath and putting in place safety precautions in the event of a safety breach.


Healthcare establishments such as hospitals and clinics is probably one of the busiest areas and require good management control to deal with sensitive situations. Despite healthcare organisations having numerous security measures in place, it can be difficult to track all their visitors. Having a visitor management system allows for centralised and secure data storage of visitor information and also easier verification of visitors and streamlining the visitor check-in process. Furthermore, to protect staff and patients during the COVID-19 global pandemic, a VMS can be used to screen individuals who have recently traveled or showing symptoms. This allows the hospital staff to take proper precautionary measures to minimise the potential spread of the virus.


The hospitality industry places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and providing visitors a pleasant experience and ensuring optimum security is their utmost priority. The steady flow of guests may result in the front desk of hotels becoming a busy place and can become very disorganised if improperly managed. The lobby area facilitates the movement of visitors and monitors the security of the premises, and the implementation of a robust visitor management system can help with both actions. Having a hotel VMS allow guests to self-check-in which streamlines the process for both the visitor and reception, thus creating a better user experience. For restaurants, they can eliminate long queues by installing a self-check-in kiosk, which in turn allows their staff to focus on attending to customers. Most importantly, during the current COVID-19 global pandemic, having a VMS can assist businesses with visitor screening and contact tracing.


The manufacturing sector requires high level of security controls for monitoring the entire facility, starting from the manufacturing plant, warehouse and quality control sections. Having a visitor management system can fulfill these criteria, preventing any unauthorised entry in restricted areas and ensuring complete security throughout the facility. In addition, a digital VMS allows for easy staff and visitor tracking, especially during night shifts when the reception is unattended.

  • Sherwin Lim
  • 16 Jul 2020

Signs your visitor management system needs an upgrade

Long Wait Time

When your visitor arrives at your office, making a good first impression is key. Your reception area should look professional and there should be a smooth sign-in procedure. It is a common sight that visitors are left waiting at the reception for long periods of time which negatively impacts their experience at the company and leads them to form a bad first impression. The delays subsequently result in disrupted schedules and time wasted in the process. With a good visitor management system, a visitor check-in app can instantly notify a host that his/her visitor has arrived through an email or text message. Also, emails or text notifications will be sent to visitors in the event of any schedule changes to keep them well-informed before and during their visit.

Confused Visitors

Do you ever get visitors combing through office rooms looking for their designated location and eventually finding it while commenting that they had a hard time locating the place? If this happens all too often, it is probably time to revisit your visitor management procedures. One crucial aspect of a good visitor management system is to ensure that your guests know where to go and this can be easily achieved by providing them as many details upfront upon arriving at your office. A notification with details of the meeting room can be sent to guests prior to arrival and clear visible signages should be installed to ensure visitors have no problems locating their designated room.

Misplaced Visitor Badges

One of the more common problems at offices include lost visitor badges. On the surface, it may not appear to be a significant problem and the lost badges can be replaced easily. However, missing visitor badges may be indicative of gaps in your visitor management system. The most common cause of misplaced visitor badges is the lack of proper sign-out procedure. Visitors simply leave the office from the nearest exit and these badges most often end up in trash bins. As such, it is important to implement a sign-out process for all visitors to tackle this issue. Having such a system helps increase the security of your facility and reduce expenses for the company.

Security Breaches

Have you seen random visitors walking into different departments or accidentally entering restricted areas in the office? This may not seem like a huge issue but companies with sensitive information may have significant security problems if such occurrence is frequent. The best solution to bridge this security gap by implementing a good visitor management system whereby visitors are given restricted access to certain rooms through scanning of a QR code.

  • Andrew
  • 3 Dec 2019

5 Best Visitor Management Practices

Establish visitor management policies

Great policies should be set in place and that proper training to be given to your employees so that everyone knows what to do in different situations. Your policy should state responsibilities for personal that are authorised to be given name tags which acknowledge that the visitors are authorised. The policy should also state clearly the check-in and check-out process for the different type of visitor's agenda, different timing and different check-in location, stating the access points that they will be granted upon visit. While in the case of Singapore, unsure that your policies abide by the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) policy.

Integrate an online appointment booking system to your visitor registration system

Having an appointment booking system integrated allow a smooth flow of visitors by preventing a holdup in the check-in process where the receptionist have to call to the employer who is in charge before allowing your visitors to enter. Imagine a VIP guest that took up more than half the appointment timing just for him to enter the building. Having an appointment system integrating SMS and email notifications when the guest has arrived will keep both parties informed to prevent confusion.

Integrating a face-recognition to your visitor registration system

Imagine your visitors entering the check-in kiosk and being granted access as soon after the system have authenticated them via face-recognition. The level of good impression and security would be at the tip-top as visitors would feel that your company is up-to-date with the cutting-edge technology.

Print photo badges for visitors

Security is utmost value in any company. It is important to print photo badges for visitors as firstly it helps staff to confirm the visitor's identity. Security personal would also have an easier time identifying between visitors and trespassers. Visitor badges would show their name, which company they come from and their face and contact number as well If needed.

Generating automated reports

In today's society, data is invaluable. Knowing how many visitors have visited to your company, and what time and for what agenda is key into improving your corporation productivity. One of the many reasons would be ensuring that there will be good follow ups and customer service for each key visitor. Another would be to spot trends and potential issues that may arise. It also reduces the administrative work as a good visitor registration system (VRS) will have all these reports generated automatically and pre-set in advance.

  • Andrew
  • 3 Dec 2019

How a Visitor Registration System can boost value to your business

Professional First Impression

Showing your visitors with innovation provides them with an uplifting experience. An automated system self-check in VMS shows that your business is modern and up-to-date. Our digital system can also be branded with the right colors, your company logos together with the right message that you want to deliver to your customers


Collecting information from whoever entering in and out of your company is vital for security purposes. First is simply it shows a record of all the check-ins and out of all visitors and time-stamped. This helps as an investigation tool when a crime issues occur. Next, when there is any emergency such as when a fire occurs, a visitor registration system (VRS) can easily track who is left in the building to take into account and not leaving out anyone within the building itself.

Real time data tracking and collection

Have you ever look though your visitors log sheet? I can bet a few things. One is that either you could not read the handwriting of a visitor details or there would be some missing or inaccurate details of your visitors. This is a true sad fact in which actually a visitor log sheet contains valuable data that we look passed it. On top of that, the traditional paper method is simply a waste of paper and harmful for the environment. With a good visitor registration system (VRS), we are able to go paperless and also integrate all these data to your company CRM.

Reduce Operational and administrative cost

Which comes to my last point. Our visitor registration system (VRS) is able to integrate all your visitor's data and integrate it into your company CRM automatedly. As such, this reduces administrative efforts and on top of that it enhances your company security without hiring an additional security guard or receptionist.